Persuasive Smore

Should tests be given in other languages for ESL students?


State tests should be in different languages so the ESL kids could understand them, get a higher grade, and also not repeat the year.

Reason 1

Coming to another country and learning a different language can sometimes be stressful for any student, and being tested in a language you are not familiar with makes you very nervous.

Reason 2

You might know the subject you are being tested in very well, maybe even better than your english, but with the fact that it is in another language, you are not going to be comfortable, and you will not have the opportunity to show your best on the test

Reason 3

If the tests are in your native language, you will have the chance to really show what you know about the actual subject.

Reason 4

English should not be a barrier, a test is for students to show what they know about that specific subject, not your language

Reason 5

Some students do not get to choose if they are coming to america or the language they first speak, and English is one of the hardest languages to learn