Element #24 Chromium


The element chromium was first discovered in 1797, by Louis Nicolas Vauquelin. The name "chromium" comes from the Greek word "chroma", which means color.

Properties of Chromium

Chromium is a solid at room temperature. The melting/ freezing point of chromium is 1907° C, or 3465° F. The boiling point of chromium is 2671° C, or 4840° F. Chromium is mainly used to plate steel and to make alloys. Usually when used for plating it is polished to a high shine and is very reflective.
Chromium has an electronegativity of 1.66. The first, second, and third ionization energies are 652.9 Kj/mol, 1590.6 Kj/mol, and 2987.0 Kj/mol, respectively.

Chromium Reactions

Chromium does not react with the air or the oxygen in the air, which is why it is such a popular plating and alloy for steel.

Chromium does react with 6 Molar hydrochloric acid.

Chromium does not react with 15 Molar nitric acid

Chromium reacts with 6 Molar Sodium hydroxide.