Planning Your European Intinerary

Creating Your Own Travel Itinerary with Online Research


Through online research and library resources, 6th grade students will create an itinerary for a 10-day trip to Europe.


Via online research, students will

1. Select 5 European countries to visit and determine the sequence for which they will visit these countries.

2. Plot out their route on a map.

3. Create a trip overview on a 10-day calendar.

4. Create a 10-day detailed itinerary describing where they're planing to go and what they will see in each country. Must also include where they will be staying.

UDL Network Involved

The project relates most to the Affective Network, because it maximizes individual choice about where the student wants to go and what they want to do when they get there, which is encouraging a high degree of autonomy.

(Many) Ways this Project Could be More Aligned to UDL Goals

After watching the videos for UDL PLayground 2013 by SETSIG, I can see how this project could be MUCH more aligned with UDL goals. In the past, the only technology involved was the laptop an online research. Everything was transcribed by the students by hand onto paper.

Now I can see how using various apps can help to emphasize each of the 3 UDL networks to enhance the project.

For Principle 1: Voice Dream Reader could assist in reading websites. Explain Everything could assist with looking up words students don't understand when conducting online research.
For Principle 2: Create a multimedia book with Book Creator or using the EverNote app would also be great for creating a notebook to organize their research. I need to research this more, but I think they might be able to create their entire itinerary in one of these notebooks in either Book Creator or EverNote.
For Principle 3: I need to implement more peer and teacher review and collaboration to boost sustaining effort and persistance.