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This year, new additions to Snapshot 21st Century Learning will be via Facebook and the occasional SMORE newsletter, which will be reduced in content.

Facebook allows me to advise you when I have uploaded a new resource to my Snapshot websites.

For me, Snapshot Facebook will be a time saver and a vehicle for you to share resources.

Would you like to join Snapshot Facebook?

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People who maybe worried about their privacy, please block my access to your news feeds (if this is possible) because Snapshot Facebook will be only used to disseminate professional sharing/information.

New English

New Maths Resources - include:

Figure This -80 Challenges

7 Puzzle Blog link

Thinking Myself

Fabulous 5s Ideas

Number Resources - Order of Operations, Numbers 10-20 ES1, link to the Board Games Shed, Fact Dash, decimal place value card, simplify fractions clip and adding fractions visually.

Measurement - Geometry - Measurement tasks, 4 new Shapes links.

Data - Data tasks, Grapher, White Water Graphing, Counting and Graphing, Graph and Tally, Catch and Graph and Picture Maker. Probability Line, Dice Throw, Impossible-Possible, Likely - Unlikely.

General Maths Resources - Maths Task, Assessment tasks, 2 problem solving ppt, Matsh Tool Chest, 4 new game sites, Inspirograph and Maths songs.

Other New Additions


Cyber Safety

On the Resource page is: Newspaper Maps, Treasure Explorer, Puzzles, Kids Health, Form Time, News in Levels, Paper Zip, Coca Cola Ads, Logonut, DaFont, Squizzes, My Great Adventure.

Asia - Language Games, Apps Asia, new You Tube story clips,

Sustainability - Consumption Atlas, Sydney Water, Ollie's World, Sites 2 See, Vege Guide,

Art - Heaps and heaps of new resources.

Music - Ditto above!!!

New Scheme Teachers - Debbie Ross's page has been updated.

There are also lots of new additions to Snapshot Science and History-Geography.

Time doesn't permit me to mention them all!

But they are worth a peek because I am positive you will discover something new and exciting!

Snapshot Lessons

Currently I am developing a new site called "Snapshot Lessons".

It will contain a variety of simple, engaging lessons, that have technology embedded into them.

Snapshot 21st Century Learning provides the "tools" and Snapshot Lessons will provide the "how to" use these "tools" to develop lessons, that will engage our 21st Century students.

Snapshot Lessons is still unpublished but I am looking for ideas.

If you know of a great blog, where a lesson has been shared, please let me know.

All ownership and work will be rightfully acknowledged : )