Jason and the Golden Fleece

Madeliene L Lexie Z

All About Greek God Jason!

The Greek god known as Jason from the story Jason and the Golden Fleece is a brave, fearless and sly man that defeated the evil serpent that was guarding the dazzling Golden Fleece. His father is Aeson, his stepmother is Ino, his two wives are Medea and Alaimens. Finally, his four children are Aeetest, Ldyia, Heleus, and Antiope. He was supposed to be crowned King, but his uncle took over. As Jason got older, he wanted to face his uncle and gain back what was his. His uncle said that Jason could only have his throne back when he had found and brought back the Golden Fleece. The King didn’t think Jason would complete this task. On his way home, Jason had to sail through two large rocks, he was told to have a dove fly through the opening; if the rocks opened for the bird, then they, too could go through. When Jason let the bird fly through the rocks, it got out safe and sound. He went home and brought back the Golden Fleece.

Interview with Jason

Madeleine: Hello Jason!

Jason: Hi Madeleine!

Madeleine: Tell me about your family.

Jason: Well my father is Aeson, my mother is Cretheus, and my brother is Tyro.

Madeleine: So, Jason, I heard you have two wives; is that true?

Jason: Yes that is true, my first wife was Alaimens but she passed away and my seconded wife is Medea.

Madeleine: How many children do you have exactly?

Jason: I have four wonderful children, their names are Aeetest, Ldyia, Heleus, and Antiope.

Madeleine: I have heard many myths about where you live, would you care to tell where?

Jason: Well Madeliene I lived on Mount Pelion.

Madeleine: Being as strong and as brave as you are, you are bound to have some friends. Could you tell me who they are?

Jason: Well I have a lot but some are Argonauts they helped me get the golden fleece, Chiron, Hercules, Aeneas, and Achilles.

Madeleine: Now, all gods have enemies right? Do you have any?

Jason: Like you just said all gods have enemies. Well some of mine are Pelias he took the kingdom from my father and my next enemy is Kyzicos.

Madeleine: Here’s the big question- If you were to describe what you looked like, what would you say?

Jason: Well as you know I am very Handsome, but I looked like; I had one sandal, animal fur for clothing, long blonde hair, grey green eyes, and I was very tall.

Madeleine: Do you think that you have any human or “immortal” characteristics, if so, can you name some of them?

Jason: Well I think that I have human characteristics because I feel brave and adventures.

Madeleine: In your story, “Jason and the Golden Fleece” what would you say is your biggest conflict?

Jason: I think that my biggest conflict was trying to fight the spirits off of the old man because they were strong but I was happy that Argonauts.

How Jason and Oprah Winfrey are Alike and Different


1. Oprah is a tv show host.

2. Jason is a greek god.

3. Oprah lives in the twenty first century.

4. Jason had two wives.

5. Oprah is a woman.

6. Jason is apart of Greek Mythology.

7. Oprah has black, curly hair.

8. Jason is very sly.

9. Oprah believes in helping children.

10. Jason is from a powerful family.


1. They both are famous.

2. They both are found in books.

3. They both are looked up to by different people.

4. They both believe in a religion.

5. They both have been talked about for a awhile.