Weekly Geekly

Vol. 1 August 26-30, 2013

Welcome to the Weekly Geekly!


What's Important This Week?

Wednesday during teaming teachers at VMS will be setting up eschool and your Eduphoria planners in the library. Not on a team? Drop by before school at 7:45 or after school at 3:45 or you are welcome to come during your conference. CTE teachers who need help with either of those things drop by my office anytime on Tuesday or Thursday.

You are getting LOTS of emails from me right now with lots of important information. Keep those emails! You might want to create a "Kim Folder" on your email so you can always refer back to communications from me when you need to!

Also, Eduphoria form issues are *supposed* to be resolved with an update tonight.

App of the Week- Class Dojo

This week's App is called Class Dojo. It is a cute little app that is used for classroom management. Class Dojo allows you to enter student information so you can track their behavior during class in real time. It provides reinforcement through sounds that you can enable to students to hear. You can also print reports on specific students which can serve as nice documentation for parents. How many times did you have to redirect Tommy today in class? Who was especially helpful to other students today? Wouldn't it be nice to easily keep track? You can also give students a key so they can log in and track their own behavior.

Is this app available on the school devices? No, because it is an administrative app that would be used almost daily.

Is there an Android Version? YES!

Flip Tip

Flipped videos should be SHORT... as in 3-5 minutes in length. Think about how well your kids pay attention in class. Now envision them at home with all sorts of other distractions! Keep videos short by really focusing on one key point. It is better to ask students to watch three short videos than one long one. This will also help them more easily find the content they need later if they want to review!

I spy...

Brittney Manning added a Remind 101 feed to her Moodle site! Remind 101 is a site where you create an account, then give students and parents a phone number they use to subscribe to your texts. You can text a whole group at once and you don't have any responsibility for private information. Brittney's feed on Moodle shows all her most recent reminders that she has sent out! Way to go Brittney!

If you spy something tech-eriffic and you want to see it mentioned here, please email me and let me know!