Lovely Lilies

Tiff Barton

Monocot or Dicot?

A Lily is a Monocot.

Hardiness Zone Rating


Light Requirement

Best grown in full light or with only light shade

Life cycle of a Lily Flower


The life cycle of a lily flower begins with a single seed. Once mature, the plant reproduces by growing a flower, which is the sexual part of the plant that produces seeds.

Male Sex Organs:

The male sex organ is called the Anther, and there are several in each lily flower.

Female Sex Organs:

THe female portions of the flower are called the stigma, pistil and ovule. The ovule contains the unfertilized ova of the plant.


Pollination is accomplished when pollen grains, the male gametes of the plant are transferred to the stigma by an insect or other physical action


The pollen grains come in contact with the stigma and stick to it. Pollen travels down a path called a pollen tube through the pistil into the ovule to fertilize the ova.

Seed Growth:

Seeds form in the lily flower. As the seeds mature, the flower dies, and a seed pod grows. The pod eventually releases its seeds.

Common name, Genus, and Specie

Common name is:

Pink Lily Flower


Lilium candidum



Moisture Required

Keep the plant most, but not soaked

Two Fertilizers, The purpose of both

Two Fertilizers:

Either an animal will bring the pollen over- purpose is to pollenate the flower to see a big and beautiful flower grow.

Or another object will- Purpose to help it grow

Two Common Insects that affect Lilies

Lily Leaf Beetle


I love lilies because..

Lilies are really a just flat out beautiful flower. I've always found them dashing! They can always put you in a better mood when you've had a rather horrible day! I love lilies because i got a dozen on valentines day from somebody I love, so yes these flowers mean a lot to me!