Dolphin Tales

2018-2019 School Year

Fourth Quarter Connections at Disney Elementary

Dolphin Tales is an end of the quarter e-newsletter for us to share a snapshot of the wonderful events that took place during the quarter. TEAM DISNEY believes that positive partnering with parents is truly the only way to make our team stronger.

Positive Partnering Tip:

Summer Learning Traditions

Your child has spent the entire school year learning new things. Help them hang onto that knowledge and learn even more, by starting summer traditions like these:


Boost your child’s STEM skills with a series of household engineering competitions. For the first contest, each person could build a catapult with craft sticks and rubber bands. See whose catapult can launch a ball the farthest. Next, maybe family members will compete to engineer a boat that carries the most pennies without sinking.


Have your child use math to plan special events, such as an Independence Day cookout. Give them a budget, and let them look through grocery and dollar store flyers for the best prices on ingredients and supplies. They should list items and prices, and add up the total. Next, perhaps they’ll host a National Ice Cream Party Day party on July 21 or a back-to-school celebration the last weekend of summer break.


For a fun way to stay in touch – and practice reading – help your student find a relative to be his reading pal. Maybe he and his grandfather will take turns reading chapters of a novel via a video chat. Or record a video of your child reading a book to send to a younger cousin. The little one can do the same to show her big cousin how she’s learning to read.

Reprinted from Home & School Connection

SNAPSHOTS from Fourth Quarter

Character Counts

This school year, we continued our character education program called "Character Counts." Our last Character Counts word for this school year was "respect."

Our longtime community partner, Seminole Baptist Temple, helped introduce "respect" as our Character word during the Character Counts Assembly. Mrs. Bennett, our school counselor, continued to discuss "respect" through her counselor lessons.


Don't forget that Explore begins June 8. Disney is hosting Explore in our building again this summer. If you haven't registered your child yet, please visit the to complete registration.

Connect with Us

It's been an excellent school year! We are excited to connect with all of our Disney students and families again next August, or sooner, if you've enrolled your children in Explore at Disney.