Rhythmic Gymnastic

sport activities

Sport is good for you!

Any sport activity is important to you!

To your health, to your happiness, it makes you a better person.

In addition sport helps to release pressure and it makes sure that you'll be strong and healthy enough to do basic activities like walking when you'll be very old.

Why Rhythmic Gymnastic ?

To these who like body-art, you will LOVE Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Rhythmic Gymnastic is a beautiful sport activity that combines dancing, gymnastic aesthetics and charm. It makes you more flexible, creative, and disciplined.

Rhythmic Gymnastic- Because you worth it.

World Records

Moreover you may compete and win competitions like Nadia Komnech or Yevgeniya Kanayeva the world champion (2008-2012)

In 2008 Yevgeniya won a gold medal in The Olimpics with a total sum of 75.500 points, (Rope- 18.850, Ribbon - 18.850, Hoop - 18.850, clubs - 18.950) and did it again in 2012.