American Revolution

Boston Tea Party

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Background Information on Revolutionary War

  • Britain rules Colonies
  • Britain needs more money
  • Taxes Colonies with ...
-Stamp Act (1765)

-Townshend Acts (1767)

  • Colonists get very angry

Boston Tea Party Background Information

  • Tea taxed highly
  • Boycotted British goods
  • Colonists buy smuggled tea from Holland (expensive) but no tax
  • British Parliament helps East India Tea Company (their territory)
  • Makes tea cheaper
  • (Still tax on tea)

Boston Tea Party

  • 500,000 pounds of tea shipped to America
  • New York, Philadelphia and, Charleston merchants refused to sell tea
  • (Protesting against other countries dominating trade by boycotting goods)
  • Boston governor didn't refuse tea
  • Boston citizens = very mad
  • Tea arrives in Boston Harbor but Sons of Liberty and Committee of Correspondence wouldn't let ship unload
  • Ships try to leave but Governor Thomas Hutchinson wouldn't let them
  • Patriots try convincing ship to leave but they wouldn't listen
  • Citizens joined together to fight against unfair taxes
  • 60 men dressed as Indians and poured boxes of tea into the harbor
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Aftermath of Boston Tea Party

  • Other states support actions in Boston
  • They are inspired
  • Britain is furious
  • They create Intolerable Acts
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Intolerable Acts

  • Intolerable Acts aimed at punishing Boston
-First Act (Boston Port Act) closes Boston Harbor

-Second Act (Massachusetts Government Act) restricted town meetings without governor (a loyalist to Britain)

-Third Act (Administration of Justice Act) British soldiers are tried in Britain

-Fourth Act (Quartering Act) citizens of M.A. responsible for housing soldiers

Reaction to Intolerable Acts

  • Boston is very angry at new acts
  • Parliament sends troops to Boston to stop rebellion

  • Britain hopes that colonies learn from punishments given to Boston
  • The colonies want to become their own country
  • Britain still wants control
  • Revolutionary War begins
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  • People were mad about too many taxes
  • People believed they shouldnt be taxed without representation and Britain had too much control
  • Some people believed that the colonies should be their own counrty
  • States boycotted British goods showing their beliefs to Britain in a way they would listen
  • Boston was forced to take in British tea anyway
  • Boston citizens very mad (wanted to make point)
  • Citizens rebelled against taxes by joining together and dumping tea into Boston Harbor
  • Britain got angry
  • States sided with Boston
  • Colonies want their own country
  • Britain disagrees
  • Revolutionary War begins
The colonies separating from Britain and wanting their own country. To show their ideas in a way Britain would listen to them they joined together to fight for freedom by boycotting and dumping British tea into the Boston Harbor.