Team Dream

Reaching our Dreams.....One Locket at a Time.....

February Accomplishments:

  • Team Dream add 4 new designers.
  • Our team now consists of designers in: Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, and South Carolina
  • Total group volume: $4374.60

Congratulations to the following:
Highest Team Leader Personal Volume: Leslie Bradley.....$3249.10 in personal volume....
Highest Designer Personal Volume: Tracey Wright $539.60

Ladies....the sky's the limit with Origami Owl. Our company still has very few designers in many towns!!!! YOU can grow your team!!!

It only takes one person signed under you to promote to LEADING DESIGNER!!!! Who will be the first to move up??? I have a prize for EVERYONE who adds 1 person to their team in MARCH! (Email me if you need help making sure they sign under you!!!)

It is also very easy to book shows....You will be surprised if you just ASK!!!! If they do not have time to clean....offer them a catalog show!!!!!! Provide them with catalogs and order forms.... I promise Origami Owl sells itself!!!! If you share it with others....they'll buy!!!!!

I personally have had MUCH success with catalog shows!!!! I have 2 just turned in for me to process for March and BOTH have $1000 in sales!!!!! I love my job!!!!

Locket Ideas that INCREASE your PROFITS....

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Please remember I am here if you have any questions about Origami Owl.... Don't hesitate to email or text......I want each of you to be successful and I am so glad you have decided to join me in this journey!!!!