Exploring Judaism

By: Jaida Adamson

Followers of Judaism are called Jews

Jews believe in the God of Abraham, who they call Adonai. The common figure to; Christianity, Judaism, and Islam is Abraham. The Jewish Holy Book is called the Tanakh it has three parts, the Torah (law of food), Nevi'im, and the Ketuvim. Key beliefs in Judaism are; prayer, to follow God's laws (ten commandments, covenant (people will be God's chosen people), Jews will study the Torah, and Jews will live a good and moral life. Practices and rituals of Judaism are Talmud (spoken law), Kashrust (eat only kosher foods), follow commandments (613 laws), and Shabbat. Shabbat is from Friday evening to Saturday evening, when Jews must rest and pray.

Jewish Pictures

Place of Worship, Worship Leader, Sects, Holidays, Worship Days, Holy Days, and common Holy Site

Jews worship in a Synagogue. A Jewish worship leader is called a Rabbi. The Jewish sects are; Orthodox, Conservative, and Reformed. Hanukkah celebrates one days worth of oil lasting for eight days. Yom Kippur is the day of Atonement, on this day mature healthy Jews fast. Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year. Passover celebrates the deliverance of Jewish people from slavery in Egypt. Sabbath is the Jewish Holy time. Sabbath is when Jews rest and pray, it is from Friday evening to Saturday evening, Jews attend a synagogue at this time. Jerusalem is a common Holy Site in Judaism, because it is the land their God gave them and it is the sacred city of the prophets.
Jewish Music - Hava Nagila