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The Baklava dessert

Baklava is a popular Mediterranean dessert especially in Turkey and the Middle East. It is also known whole over the world as a fine, delicious gourmet dessert. Basically, the dessert is made of thin layers of dough which are filled with nuts and other mixtures. But, the tastes and recipes may vary from one country to another.

Generally, as pointed out, about a dozen layers of thin dough from each side are stacked on top of one another. One rule about this dessert is that the thinner the dough the better. So, the thickness of the dough is what really differentiates a good baklava maker from average ones. The preparation of the filling is relatively easy as compared to the dough. Getting the perfect dough requires skill and proper kneading knowledge only mastered by true professionals.

Mostly, pistachios are used for fillings in Baklava desserts. The Baklava dessert found in supermarkets and grocery stores mainly have walnuts as their fillings. In the Middle East, there is huge popularity of pine nuts and cashew nuts filled varieties. However, the pistachio filled Baklavas are considered as the richest and the finest among all versions.

Being a sweet pastry after all, the fillings in the Baklava dessert are lightly blended with sugar to make it sweeter. But the nuts are the main role players and they should be the dominating ingredient along with the pastry.

Baklava as a delicious dessert or a pastry is mainly famous in Turkey, which is its original birthplace. However, the Middle East also has some famous Baklava that is even more authentic and original. Though the dough is the same, the shapes and fillings are what differentiate them from the Turkish versions. Though the classic original Baklava dessert is more widespread, the assorted Baklava of the Middle East has become quite popular too.
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