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All About Conferring

Conferring is the purposeful conversation teachers have with students to assess current skills and provide immediate and targeted instruction. The goal is to uncover a reader’s thinking, understandings or reflections, in order to teach to their current needs, and move them to independence as a reader.

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Types of Conferences

When preparing to conference with a student, after determining the teaching point, the next step is deciding the level of support. Some students may only need a check-in conference (light support), while others may need re-teaching of a concept (moderate to heavy support).

Mini-Conferences: There are different types of mini conferences. These typically last 2-3 minutes and may reflect part of the full conference but not the entire process.

Full Conferences: The full conference is often 4-7 minutes and follows the steps listed above: research, compliment, teach and link.

Getting Started/Record Keeping

Most leaders in the field recognize that record keeping can be challenging and that what works for one person may not work for another person. Some teachers may take notes during the conference and others may take notes immediately after the conference. Some information is stored on one page for the whole class – it might include things like reading level and dates of meetings. Some information may be stored in a notebook on a page about an individual student.

Here is video from the Two Sisters on how they set-up their pensieve.