Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Innovative Photovoltaic Solar Power Solutions

The use of sunlight to generate electricity has gained momentum globally due to its evident benefits such as low cost of energy production, lower maintenance requirements, ease of installation and affordability. In line with this Rajshree Enterprise has endeavored to develop innovative solutions and is among the leading solar power solutions providers in India.

The company has got over two decades of experience in providing these innovative solutions such as water heating systems, warm water swimming pools, power plants, driers and even pumping appliances driven by sun harnessing systems.

The company focuses on provision of high quality products and excellent customer service which has contributed to the wide acceptability of our services to the population. This commitment to client satisfaction has been underscored by the company obtaining an ISO 9001:2008 certifications for the best quality management systems in the industry.

To underscore our commitment to serving the population we also have taken progress in the implementation of the environmental management systems and work under the framework of ISO14001 to implement a comprehensive environmental management system.

The management comprises of a very hardworking team which puts the needs of the customers first. The company is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The company operates on an open doors policy and to ease access to our services we have developed a very user friendly website as well as offering quick response numbers to ensure that you get the best service.

Solar Power Solution
A whole range of products solutions are available. Sunlight harnessing systems are available for a variety of uses. They include sun driven driers, heating and lighting systems, street lights and these can be installed as long as the sun is available.

Solar Street Lights
Lighting on the streets is conveniently activated using the solar. This is done by installation of photovoltaic cells on plates mounted on the street poles. A battery is charged by these cells which lights the roads at night.

Solar Power Pack
Solar Power Pack is an innovative power electric system that uses sunlight to provide electricity to homes, offices, schools, and other institutions. The set is user friendly and portable and can be used to compliment the mains electricity during times of strong sunshine.

Solar Water Pumping System
Energy from the sun is harnessed through use of sensitive cells which generate electricity which is then used to drive the electrical water pumps. The main advantage of solar water pumping system is that it can continuously pump, and the water directed to a reservoir for longer term usage.

Solar Panels
Solar panels contain the cells which are activated by light. It exites the photons which changes their state and in the process generate electricity. This can then be harnessed for lighting, cooking, electrical installations and many other uses.

Solar Power Plants

Solar power plant operates using the same concepts of conversion of sunshine to electrical energy. This plant is however made to generate more power which can be used for commercial and industrial applications which require greater electricity.

Home Lighting System
A lot of power can be generated for the home using the photovoltaic technology. Living costs are highly reduced by substituting convectional power with sun energy. With home lighting systems, life will be much more enjoyable.