Kauai, Hawaii

The Plan...

Our plan was to create a safe and desirable community that is also inspired by Greek and Roman influences.

How is our community desirable and modern?


  • Modern equipment in hospital and other safety places.

  • Architecture of houses are modern, although they are also Greek and Roman.


  • Houses by the beach.

  • Amazing view of the ocean.

  • Excellent school district.

  • Walking trails.

    Below is a video explaining why walking trails are desirable.

Getting Modesto Up and Moving with a New Community Walking Trail
Visit Kauai

Explore the ravishing restaurants, the tasty snow cones, and the salty tropical beaches in Kauai, Hawaii!


  • Where?
Kauai, Hawaii.
  • What?
Small community, nice walking distance.
  • Name?
  • Why?
This name fits because it really is paradise.
  • Population:
  • Directed audience:
Upper class.

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Greek Influences

Greece is very involved in our modern community. Some Greek ideas that we have borrowed are entertainment, architecture, art, and democracy.

entertainment: includes theaters and forms of entertainment that the Greeks used; such as masks and play writes.

architecture: buildings such as homes, stores, and schools will include Greek ideas of architecture, such as pediments and columns.

art: this includes writing documents and sharing documents just like the Greeks. (without bias, and informational)

democracy: our government will be set up in a representative democracy, instead of a direct democracy like the Greeks. But, it will serve as the same purpose: not giving someone too much power.

Roman Influences

The Roman influences in our community are schools, amphitheaters, roads, architecture, shops, and a “checks and balances” government.

schools: they include Roman ideas of science, math, and language.

amphitheaters: used by the Romans for entertainment such as instrumental concerts and/or plays.

roads: the Romans were the first people to use the idea of a road.

architecture: buildings such as houses and schools will include Roman architecture such as columns and arches.

shops: the Romans had shops.

Checks and Balances: the Romans had a tripartite government which had almost the same exact concept as “checks and balances.”

Below is a video explaining what the Romans have influenced in modern life.

Kauai - The Lost World - Canon 5D Mark II - Glidecam HD 4000



  • Lovable place for upper class families.
  • Desirable for its walking trails & amazing views.
  • Located in Kauai, Hawaii.
  • Inspired in the Greeks & Romans.