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What areshort term loans”?

“Short term loans” is a kind of unsecured and online loan that is especially designed for the adult UK citizen those are suffering with a poor credit history. If you have a not a very fair credit history you will find it difficult to get short term cash loans through conventional way but thanks to these loans now one can get financial assistance during its worst of the financial time even if one has a very poor credit history or some other thing is spoiling borrower’s credit score.

What is the application procedure?

The application procedure for this loan is similar to any other type of online loan. You will find an online loan application form in every loan lending site. To apply for bad credit pounds till payday you have to just fill an online loan application form and there is no other thing that you need to do apart from this. No document, no advance credit check, no guarantor, no collateral to pledge or any other thing is required during the loan application procedure. This is one of the easiest and most convenient types of loans as far as the application procedure is concerned.

What are the eligibility criteria?

To apply for 7 day payday loans UK, you need to meet certain eligibility criteria like if you are wishing to apply for these loans you need to be 18 years old or more. You must be gainfully employed in some organization through which you get the minimum monthly salary of £ 1000. You need to be a citizen of UK and you also need to own an active bank account for at least last three months. These are few basic eligibility criteria that you are suppose to meet to apply for any online loan in UK.

What one could not repay the amount on time?

In most of the short term loans the lender offers you a time period of one month and within this given period of time you are suppose to repay the amount back to the lender. It is not only the loan amount that you are supposed to pay but there is a small amount of interest that you have to pay along with principle amount. But many times it also happens that we meet some more unavoidable expenses meantime and that make us unable to repay the loan amount back on time.

If you feel that you could not repay the auto loans for people with poor credit history amount back to lender till the given time, you can go for loan renewal option. Through this option you can ask for some more time. You simply have to discuss the matter with the lender in advance and if the lender finds the reason genuine it will offer you some more time till which you have to repay the complete amount.