Sami Smart

The basics

The best thing about being an author is the freedom, you have a very flexible schedule, so you can do whatever you want as long as you write something, and when you do write, you get to write about whatever you want.


The enviorment of your work can range from an office, to your living room. You have a very free day and you do some on call work. Being an author is a very stress free job, mainly because writing is a way to remove stress.


Technically there are no requirements, but the more eduation background you have the more certified you are.

Personal Characteristics

Creative people tend to strive in the writing world, books that draw people in rise to the top of the charts. The more interesting a person is, it shows in their writing. This job usually attracts organized and very word smart minds.


On average, an author earns around 50-60,00 a year. Some authors that go famous obviously earn way more. Vacations depend on your boss/company, but you should have plenty of time to ge3t away so you can write! Finding work isn't hard because writing is needed everywhere, there are thousands of publishing companies just in the U.S. whether you live in a rural or urban area.

Best places to go If you're interested in this career

Emory University (Atlanta Georgia)

Hamiltion College (Clinton, New York)

Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, Maryland)

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Day in the Life of an Author - Rachel Hollis