Civil Rights in the 1950's

How the Movement really got started after WWII

Definitions - Define each of these terms in your notes without using phones:


-plessy v ferguson


-freedom ride

-civil disobedience

Civil Rights and the 1950s: Crash Course US History #39

Quick Assessment - After the video, have a five minute discussion as a class/group

-Who were the leaders

-What were their methods

-What were the outcomes

Civil Rights Timeline 40's-50's - Put this quick timeline in your notes

1947 - Jackie Robinson

1948 - Truman integrates military

1950 - Sweatt v Painter - UT law school integration

1954 - Brown v Board/school integration

1955-56 - Bus Boycott

1957 - Civil Rights Act, increase voting

1957 - Little Rock 9

WWII Leading to a Bigger Movement

WWII - Double V Campaign (victory in Europe and victory at home); African Americans saw SOME success and equality (as we've previously discussed), and that led to an organized movement in the 40's and 50's.

Civil Rights Day 2

Timeline of Events 1948-1965

Make a timeline/chart. For each of the events, write 8-10 words about why it was an important development for Civil Rights.

-Truman Integrates the Army

-Brown v Board

-Montgomery Bus Boycott

-Civil Rights Act 57

-Integration of Little Rock HS

-Freedom Rides/Sit-ins

-March on Washington

-Civil Rights Act 64

-24th Amendment

-Selma Alabama March

-Voting Rights Act 65

-Affirmative Action

Definitions, revisited - look at your previous answers and see if you would like to change them now. If so, do it :)


-plessy v ferguson


-freedom ride

-civil disobedience


Write a sentence in your notes explaining each:

-George Wallace

-Billy Graham

-Thurgood Marshall

-Earl Warren

Martin Luther King Biography