"We've got the bases covered...and your plate."

Our Mission

Getting you through the 7th inning stretch with all of your ball park needs.


First Base

  • Chicken or Pork Nachos
  • BBQ Nachos
  • Mac 'n Cheese
  • Soft Pretzels 'n Cheese
  • Loaded Crimped Fries
  • Tater Tots
  • Walking Taco

Second Base

  • Bratwurst
  • Chicago-Style Hot Dog
  • Sloppy Joe
  • Buffalo Chicken Sliders
  • Hot Dog Melts
  • Mac n' Cheese Dog
  • The Cuban
  • Sausage Sundae
  • Prime Beef Sandwhich
  • Chili Dog
  • Lobster Rolls
  • Hamburger

*All entrees come with your choice of cracker jacks or peanuts

Third Base

  • Cotton Candy Sprite Spritzers
  • No Bake Cheesecake
  • Cotton Candy Mousse
  • Peanut Butter Cup-Filled Brownies
  • Snickers Caramel Bars
  • Hershey's Chocolate Monkey Bread
  • Holy Cow Butterfinger Cake

*All deserts served with your choice of a scoop of chocolate or vanilla ice cream

Home Run

  • The Golden Glove
  • The Grand Slam
  • Apple Pie Cocktail
  • Ball Diamond Fizz
  • Take Me Out to the Ball Game
  • Wild Thing
  • Dream Cocktail

Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday: 11 AM-10 PM

Friday & Saturday: 12 PM-2 AM

Sunday: 12 PM-9 PM


Look for us on the big screen at Indian's games!


  • Champs Sports Bar & Grill
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Kilroy's Bar & Grill
  • Scotty's Brewhouse


  • Owners: Maddie Jennings (M), Lauren Jones (L), Brianna Nyland (B)
  • Management Team: Maddie, Lauren, Brianna
  • Chefs: 2 head chefs, 5 sous-chefs
  • Employees: 10-15 waiters/waitresses
  • Hostesses: 4


Start-up costs:

  • Rent- $6,000
  • Utilities- $3,000
  • Insurance- $6,000
  • Permits & license- $5,500
  • Marketing- $12,000

Financial Capital:

  • Bank loans & personal loans

Fixed Costs: ($18,000)

  • Utilities
  • Rent
  • Insurance
  • Employee salary

Variable: ($20,000)

  • Food
  • Supplies
  • Marketing


  • $60,000 a month


  • $22,000 a month

Business Organization

Sole Proprietorship:


  • Less complicated to start
  • Less expensive start-up
  • Can be formed without double taxation standards
  • All profits are yours
  • You make all final decisions


  • All liability lies with the owner
  • Owner must pay self employment taxes
  • Health insurance premiums are not deductible
  • The business doesn't continue if something happens to the owner



  • Start-up costs are low
  • Greater barrowing capacity
  • Tax savings
  • More capital is available
  • More ideas


  • Liability for debt is unlimited
  • Risk of disagreements or a partner leaving
  • Split profit



  • Additional capital can be raised easily through stock markets
  • Transfer of ownership is easy
  • Long life span- can be taken over by anybody


  • Complex process
  • Double taxation
  • High costs

Our Business Organization

Our business organization is a partnership because we have three owners, and all costs are split. The other business organizations would not work because there is not a sole proprietor, and we are not part of a corporation.

Labor Markets

Owners- Manage and complete finances

Managers- Take part in managing employee duties and schedules

Chefs- Cook the food

Waiters/Waitresses: Takes/places orders and serves food

Hosts/Hostesses: Seats people at their table and organizes where people are sitting

Supply & Demand and Wages:

The chef's, which there are less of, will get paid more, because they are specialized in a specific area. Waiters/waitresses and hosts/hostesses will be paid less, because there is a high demand for that job and "anybody" could step-up and fill those lower-level positions.


If our workers unionized it could be difficult to work with them, or get them to work well and efficiently, the way we want and need them to. We would have a set agreement that our employees would have to follow, but that we would also try to "meet-in-the-middle" with them about. By establishing an agreement it can make the employees feel as if they have job security.