By: Solouki

Skydiving in Dubai Psalm islands

I would love to go wing suited skydiving in Dubai the terrain is the best place for that. Especially when you go suited skydiving onto the psalm islands and you have the perfect view of the man-made island. Because who wouldn't want to do that (unless your afraid of heights) the weathering would be wind and erosion. This would be physical weathering. would take my sister and dad. (mom scared of heights) By plane.
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Float in the Dead Sea

the Dead Sea is an interesting place to be especially when you float and cannot swim at at all just float. Why does this happen? Because the salt level is 31.5% that's extremely high! The density of the water is 1.24 and the regular ocean is about 1.025 and that's what makes you float and regular water is 1.00. This place was probably once a hill that was carved from wind and ice. Then, soon there was rain that filled it up and the salt got there and that's what made it a Dead Sea this would be Physical Weathering. Here's a demonstration. this is close to Israel. By plane Duh
Dead Sea Floating...a demonstration


Wow look!!! That is an amazing place to be for paint ball a rugged terrain thanks to erosion there are hills flat paces and all thanks to erosion you couldn't have this much fun!!!! wind water and ice did all this to create this terrain. i would take dad and sister (mom doesn't like war-like games) it is in Arizona by plane. physical weathering.
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This is base jumping off a mountain and into a ravine. Erosion has made this possible by ice and wind. who wouldn't want to go here going speeds faster than 120 MPH!!! this is in south america i would take dad and sister. Go by plane.(mom scared)
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Water jet pack!!!!!

When the Earth was once Pangaea all country's together then then split up and the ocean filled up the gaps and that's what made this possible by using water to propel your self off the water. this would be my favorite thing to do out of all these you can be like a superhero!! I would take my mom and dad and sister this is in Mallorca, Spain, physical weathering.
Water Jet Pack: Get High with Jetlev!
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