Katie's EIS Notes

EIS Take-Aways

I really liked all the 'Craft Knowledge' that we went over. I felt like even if I was practicing even two or three and then trying a new one from time to time, that I was doing pretty well.

The instructional games were very helpful. Many of them take little preparation and are an effective recap and review.

Becoming a reflective teacher is extremely important. If you don't take time to reflect on experiences and outcomes, it will limit your abilities as an effective teacher.

Trying new things is a challenge but a worthwhile endeavor to advance your teaching skills. Sometimes the new ideas our out of our comfort zone but it stretches you as well as your students.

Some 'Tips' for Improvement

The timing last July/August was really a struggle. It's right before school starts and I felt like I should have been in the classroom getting more things ready. Even if it would have been a week earlier, then we would have had time to implement it into some of our lesson plans ahead of time and not feel so rushed.

The food is great! Keep it up!

Surprising Experience

There have been a lot of pressures and requests that I wasn't expecting as a first year teacher. Time has helped. Second quarter has gone much better than first quarter.