Judaism Culture

By Chris

Where was Judaism Created

Judaism Culture was created in Israel. It is one of the oldest cultures, founded around 3,500 years ago in the Middle East.

Judaism Culture, Beliefs

The Jews believe that God called them to be his chosen people. They believe that there is only one true God. They believe that every Jew has a unique relationship with God. They believe that God affects everything that people do. After a boy baby is 8 days old they circumcise him following what Abraham did 4,000 years ago. The Jews believe that death is not the end, but focus on life here. Different Jews can believe different things about afterlife. Some Jews believe that righteous souls go to a place similar to the Christian Heaven.

Important People

Kashrut: Jewish Dietary Laws

Kashrut is a set of biblical dietary restrictions. Certain foods cannot be eaten and some must be separated. An example of a kosher dietary rule is that animals cannot feel pain while being slaughtered for their meat. Another example is that during Passover they can only eat bread that does not have yeast in it.


The languages that they speak are Hebrew and Yiddish. Yiddish is a combination of Hebrew and German. About 600,000 Jews speak Yiddish today.

Worship, Who and Where

They worship God, however instead of calling Him God, they refer to Him as HaShem, which means "The Name." They worship only HaShem, because they believe they have a unique relationship with HaShem, and they are His chosen people. They worship at the Synagogue, and get everything they worship from the Torah, which is their Holy Book. Their Shabbat is from sunset on Friday to the first 3 stars on Saturday. During Shabbat, they recite special prayers from the Torah.