Sacred Heart School

Week of September 28


Wow! I have not yet been able to sit and fully reflect on the magnitude of the pope's visit to the United States. However, I keep finding myself saying "Wow! That was incredible" over and over again. From the minute he landed, he seemed to bring with him such a beautiful sense of hope and love.

I think that hope and love is what draws so many of us to this faith.

I think hope and love is what draws so many families to our school.

I think hope and love is central to who we are as teachers.

As we move forward into another week, try not to loose sight of that hope and love. Walk into school tomorrow with a sense of hope, knowing that the work you do day in and day out is important. Know that all of the energy you put in this week will reap rewards long after we send the kids home. Walk into school with a sense of love. Love for our kids, love for each other, and love for your principal! :) Each encounter we have with each other should be as respectful and as loving as we would be if we were encountering Pope Francis.

Hope and Love. Thank you, Pope Francis!

Our Amazing Week

Upcoming Events

Staff Meeting

Monday, Sep. 28th, 4pm

Ms. Mattoon's Classroom

We will meet in Ms. Mattoon's classroom at 3:45. Please be on time!

Progress Reports due to the Office

Tuesday, Sep. 29th, 8am


The Progress Reports are due to the office by Tuesday! Melissa and I will be reading over all of them, so the sooner we have them, the better!

For questions on how to complete the progress reports, please see Grace or Ms. K!

For technical difficulties, let Ms. Mazzini know!

Field Trip to Calleva

Tuesday, Sep. 29th, 8:30am

Rileys Lock Road

Poolesville, MD

The 7th and 8th graders will be going on a field trip to Calleva on Tuesday. The following teachers will be going on the field trip. We will be gone all day! Let me know if there are any questions.

Calleva (outdoor team building extravaganza)

Ms. Heil

Ms. Kullberg

Ms. Barnett

Sra. Ferriol

Luis Bonilla

Performance Series Closes

Wednesday, Sep. 30th, 8am

Computer Lab

The testing window closes on September 30th. Students will no longer have access to performance series and will not be able to be tested. Please ensure all students are completed prior to Wednesday!

School Picture Day

Friday, Oct. 2nd, 8am


School picture day is on Friday. All students should wear their full blue uniform. Classes will be called down to the theater throughout the morning on Friday to take pictures. You will take a whole class picture as well as individual student photos. All teachers must have their photos taken as well for the yearbook!