Here we go Mules 2023-24

High School Counseling Newsletter (quarter 1)

Welcome Back!

I hope you have all had a chance to unplug, enjoy the sunshine and connect with friends and family. It is hard to believe, but another school year is about to begin; I am looking forward to a successful 2023-2024 school year! I’m looking forward to once again seeing some familiar faces as well as some new ones.

The beginning of each school year is full of possibility and helping you get off to a good start is important for success. My role as your School Counselor is to be an advocate for you; assisting you with your academics, career development, and personal/social areas and work I also work collaboratively with your parents, teachers, administrators, and community.

Over the next four years of your high school experience, I will be meeting with you to plan your high school academic program and to assist you in developing post-graduation goals. I am also available to meet with you to discuss individual concerns and to answer questions you may have. Please don’t hesitate to stop by, call or email.

If you haven't already, please pop down to the Counseling Department to say hi and introduce yourself.

AP Exams

Are you taking an AP course? The exams will be administered in the spring of 2024. There are FOUR steps:


WHEN: Ongoing

DEADLINE: 11/04/22

You will need to log into your College Board account to register for each exam. You will need a "Join Code" to register for each exam. Please make an appointment with me before the deadline if you need help with this.

2.) You'll need to fill out the Newmarket AP Exam Confirmation form

3.) Payment: The Counseling Dept. will be collecting AP exam fees. The deadline for AP exam fees Nov. 4th. Fees: $98

4.) 2023-24 AP Exam Contract- please fill out, sign and return to the Counseling Dept. by Nov 3rd.

Dates of the 2022-23 AP Exams

Dual Enrollment

**Open to Juniors & Seniors**

What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual enrollment allows high school students to take college classes while they are still enrolled in high school. These classes count for both high school and college credit. High school students who complete dual enrollment classes generally take fewer classes in college and save money on total college costs.

Why Dual Enrollment?

*Get an affordable jump start to a college credits and career skills

*Transfer credits to many colleges and universities

*Student eligibility

Two options:

  1. eStart- online classes taught by a college professor

  2. Early College- learning options are in the classroom, remote, online, and/or hybrid.

Course catalogs & contact information

NJSHS High School Counselor

I'm here to help.

Ms. B (grades 9-12)

Ph: 603-292-7968

Fax: 603-659-1287

Need to book an appointment? Ms. Cetlin is here to help you with that ( She's our Administrative Assistant in the Counseling Department. Come down to say hi and introduce yourself.