Barnett's Second Grade Newsletter

May 2nd

This Week's Math

Monday - Finding the Area of a Rectangle

Tuesday - Track Meet

Wednesday - Multiplying by zero and finding multiples

Thursday - Meadowlark Fashion Show

Friday - Making and Using a Multiplication Table

Upcoming Events

May 3rd - Grades 1,2,3 Track Meet 12:30

May 4th - Early Out

May 5th - Need Mother's Day Tea outfits and descriptions

May 6th - Mother's Day Tea 2:30

May 10th - Field Trip

May 17th - Maker Fair

May 18th - Early Out

May 19th - Last day for students, Dismiss 11:30

Summer Birthdays

If your child has a summer birthday and he/she wants to celebrate here at school, please pick a day and let me know what you decide. When picking a day please find a day without extra things going on (field trips, track meets, etc.) I would like to get them celebrated before the last week of school. Thank you!

Mother's Day Tea

An invitation to the Mother's Day Tea was sent home. Please let me know if you cannot attend. If you have a relative that could come in your place that would be a great alternative, otherwise I can find a teacher to attend on your behalf. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Field Trip and Maker Fair Day

Field Trip - Be sure to pack a swimsuit and towel or wear your swimsuit and bring a pair of underwear with you! Dress in layers as we are eating lunch outdoors, weather permitting.

Don't forget your child may need a packed lunch these two day, depending on the lunch choice you made.
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Celebrating Mrs. Labrayere

We celebrated Mrs. Labrayere on Thursday, by surprising her. We all got in our new yellow shirts and danced and exercised with her on Thursday morning. This is Mrs. Labrayere's last year as she will be retiring after this year. She will definitely be missed!