Factory Farming Should be Changed

Food is not as it seems (gore may be involved)

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Pigs are fun, intelligent animals to be around. They've become a popular family pet all around the world. Some say they are smarter than even the most loyal canines. Pigs Make excellent replacements for seeing eye dogs in case their master is allergic to dog hair.

The treatment they are given however, makes the factories the real ''pigs''.

Mother pigs are trapped and squeezed into cages where they can't move at all. All they can do is eat, hardly sleep and tend to their young which won't be theirs for long.Runts are grabbed by their legs and slammed to the ground onto the filthy concrete. Once the female pigs are old enough, they are thrown into cages forced to have the same destiny of their mothers. They boys however, when they are large enough to consume, have their throats slit alive, and they often bleed out till put on chains and the job is finished with a quick blow to the head. Pigs are living creatures, and they deserve to be treated as so. Even if they are going to be eaten, their life should be worth living.

The cruelty of pig farms, cow farms, chicken farms and fish slaughter houses.


Chickens produce two food sources: eggs and poultry.

This means there are two different examples of abuse, both are mortifying.

Hens and their chicks

Hens are smart caring animals. They think of the future, and pass information down to their chicks. These mothers however are treated like machines, only used for one purpose and nothing else matters. Mothers with chick eggs only have their babies until they hatch. Once they hatch, they have their beaks cut off. imagine your dearest pet being taken away to have their snouts cut clean.That's what its like for a mother hen.

when the babies are old enough to tell what gender they are, the males are separated from their sisters and thrown into a grinder which crushes them.Some however, survive the spinning blades, and end up peeping through the pulp of their family. The lucky ones are gassed instead, a quicker death with less of a chance of surviving.

Egg hens

Once the mothers have their chicks, they literally lay eggs till they die. The hens eat, hardly sleep and lay eggs day after day after day till the day comes no more. When that time comes, workers come by and fish through the cages for the dead bodies, and stuff new souls in to continue the torture.

Poultry birds

Broiler hens are often treated as pigs, with a few minor changes. Some chickens get to ''roam freely'' in a room that more often that not lacks sunlight.The chickens walk around in their own filth which fills and infects the many cuts they receive from cage bars or the other bird's claws. Imagine your beloved pet limping around in filth with gashes and sores covering their entire body.Sounds horrible right? Why should chickens be treated any differently? Just because they were born to be eaten doesn't mean they don't deserve respect.

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