By: Clayton Lelux

Code Of Ethics

Situation 1

You are working in the school store when you notice a student did not pay for cookies and starts walking out. Mrs.Sayre and Mr.Johnson are not in the room. What do you do?

Solution: Confront the student but don't make a scene about it. If they continue to be a problem get administration and have them suspended for stealing.

the office, ethics

Code of Ethics

1. Report all theft to Mrs.Sayre or Mr.Johnson

2. Keep the store clean to prevent accidents.

3. Handle shoplifters in respectful way.

4. Don't sell items cheaper to friends.

5. Tell the customer the truth

(Don't say were out of cookies just because you want some for later)

6. Don't sell damaged merchandise. (Don't sell expired chips)

7. Keep your promise. (Don't advertise free popcorn and not give out free popcorn)

8. Be focused when counting money.

9. Accept returns for products that are damaged. (Cookies with hair in it)

10. Never accept gifts from suppliers.

The Office: Ethical

Situation 2

You notice that Albert is getting popcorn without paying for it. You're the only person who saw him and you are also friends with him. You know it was wrong. What do you do?

A) Ignore the situation

B) Confront Albert and kick him in the face

C) Ask Albert to put the popcorn back or pay for it

D) Give Albert a dollar to pay for it

E) Tell Mrs.Sayre and have Albert kicked out of Marketing.