Fan Fiction

By Chrystal Ngawuchu

Two Sides

Maria: Tentatively, I watch from the window of our small yet sturdy house, to see my fourth son, Antonio, about to begin a walk with a new friend of his, Cico. “ Antonio!” I cried out. He spun around and answered with his smile- his smile brightens my day no matter what I’m going through.

“ Mi hijo, please be safe with tu amigo. I don’t want Tenorio to see you out alone without protection. I beg you, please stay home.” I smoothed his hair and pulled him in for a hug.

“ Madre, I beg of you, I will be fine. God shall keep me safe.”

A humongous smile instantly painted across my face as I said Amen in agreement. He then proceeded to join back with Cico and they left.

Antonio: With my back turned I knew my mother was watching me. She has always been protective of me ever since Tenorio came into the picture. I wonder why he wants to cause such harm onto our family. I begin to smile as I imagine all the fun things me and my friend Cico were going to have when I hear the yelling of my mother. I turn around to address her wondering why she was calling me back. From the look on her face I could tell she was worried about something so I rushed to her side. She told me she was afraid for my safety and asked if I could stay home. I reassured her I would be fine. I knew if I told her God was watching over me then she would relax. It seemed to do the trick. I want to know why she takes such comfort in a mythical being who she cannot even see or speak to. I don’t understand why she trusts something that has not been exposed to her. The questions bombarded my mind as I quickly returned to Cico’s side.