Parkinson's Disease

Brian Kim & Harris Blumberg 1/7/16 Digital Literacy Pd:6

What is Parkinsons Disease

Parkinsons is a severe disease that if you do not get treated quick enough it will end your life in roughly about 30 years. Your bones slowly get dimineralized and you start to feel muscles stop working. However the change is so subtle that you do not feel it until it is very severe.


There Is currently no cure for this serious disease right now. However, doctors recently found that some people could smell Parkinson's Disease for they had a relationship with this disease(Example: Their husband had died because of Parkinsons Disease.) . This could help doctors and scientists what causes this serious disease and quickly vaccinate the victims so they do not have to suffer Parkinson's Disease.

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Victims of the Parkinson's Disease start to have minor symptoms but progresses over time. They start to feel tremors throughout the limbs, arms, and hands. People also feel slowness in their movement and they will feel like they are walking through syrup. Victims may also feel stiff and have no hand eye coordination. A professional doctor that studies Parkinson's has said " Everyone says that there will never be a cure but I believe with the proper study we will break through.".

Things That Happen When You Have Parkinsons Disease

This Person is Fighting Parkinsons by Boxing

Research shows that if you excercise at least 1 hour everyday then the disease progress slows down until you can live your whole life.

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How Parkinson's Disease Affects the Body -- The Doctors