Amelia Earhart Day

by:Kaylin Ham

About Amelia

Amelia was born in her grand mothers house in Atchison, Kansas, on July 24, 1897. In 1904 Amelia and her younger sister Muriel, saw a big roller coaster at a fair and when they got back from the fair they tried to build one in their back yard. When Amelia was 19 she boarded a train for the Ogontz school in Pennsylvania.

why Amelia should have a natinol holiday

Amelia Earhart should have a national holiday on July, 24 so more people now about her. Amelia set a record to fly as high as possible and made it fourteen thousand feet -more than two and an half miles high. Amelia would always say no to marriage to keep her career. Until she marred some one named George Putnam. She know he would let her keep her career. On June,18,1928 Amelia was the first women to fly across the Atlantic ocean. Amelia was also the first women to fly solo to Honolulu to California. One day Amelia wanted to set a new record it was to fly around the globe until she changed her record to fly on the equator! Amelia new it was very dangerous but she did it either way. January, 11,1935 Amelia stared to fly the equator. Amelia got bored just flying the equator so she went off of the track and started to fly over the pacific ocean. Amelia got lost and ever since people hade no clue were she was.

Amelia Rose Earhart?

supposable Amelia Earhart hade a daughter on the plane. She named her Amelia Rose Earhart.