Parkinson's Disease

by: Melanne & Hailey


* Parkinson's Disease is a progressive disease of the nervous system.

*While having this disease your body gives you poor balance,

*It makes you very tired and makes you dizzy.

*You also get tremor in your hands and limbs.

Body Reactions

*Stiffness in the arms and legs.

*slowness of movement.

~As symptoms get worse people the disease may have trouble walking ,talking and doing simple tasks. They may also get depressed and have sleeping problems, trouble chewing ,swallowing and speaking.

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Causes and Cures

~Parkinson's Disease is caused by mutations.

*it is nondisjunction

*it is sex-linked

*could be triggered by other factors

Fun Facts

* 13 out of 100,000 people are diagnosed with this disease

*medications can help control the symptoms

*new cases are identified each year each year

*most common age is between 40-60 years old

*Parkinson disease is second most common neurodegenerative " degeneration of the nervous tissue"

Parkinson Disease: Treatment by a Physical Therapist