Sloan Creek Orchestra Newsletter

January 12, 2017


Thank you so much to everyone who came out to Chipotle on Tuesday night! We really appreciate your support of our program and look forward to our next Spirit Night on Feb. 21st at Palio's Pizza!!

All orchestra's are very busy preparing for our next performance. As a reminder, ALL students are to have their own tuner to use in class DAILY. See below for more information on what tuners work best for each instrument and how to purchase one.

This week all beginner classes have started tuning their own instruments using a tuner. Students can now tune their own instrument at home using fine tuners. If they have a string that needs to be fixed using pegs please have them wait and bring to a teacher to help them. All classes have also started working in a new time signature and are making big strides in tone production and position. Practice cards are still due every Thursday for them to earn pokeballs to use when they catch Pokemon on Friday!

Our next performance is at our Winter Concert on Monday, February 27th starting at 6:30.

If you have any questions please let us know!

Mrs. Gearhart

Mr. Sloan

Mrs. Winkler

Ms. Coad

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are highly encouraged for every student in orchestra. Private lessons are a one on one lesson with a professional musician.

We have a few teachers who come to LHS and teach privately during class. The lessons are $20 per half class lesson.

Their availability is limited so if you are interested please contact them ASAP.

Here are the teachers and their info.

Trey Anderson - Bass


Larry Latanzi - Violin and Viola


Stephen Beall - Violin and Viola


Phillip Taggart - Cello


Also here is a Viola teacher who lives in Lovejoy who teaches out of his house or will come to your house.

Samuel Kuang -Viola


LOVE---Lovejoy Orchestra Vend & Exchange

This venue is for all participating Lovejoy Orchestra families that wish to buy, sell, trade, exchange or donate any orchestra items they no longer need. Items including but not limited to: pleated wing tip tuxedo shirts, instrument, case, bow, ect.