Cinderella and Yeh-shen

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Yeh-shen has a beautiful fish that is her friend it is her one friend.Her Mom kill the fish for

dinner. Yeh-shen wants to go to the fair but her step mom said no but then she did.

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Cinderella wants to go to ball.Her dad and mom both pass away.Then her step mom was very mean.Her step mom said no for her to go to the ball but her godmother helped her


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I like Cinderella the best because it is the first one made it is a great book.


-both want to go some where

-they both have two step sisters

-both have a step mom


-Yeh-Shen doesn't leave a slipper

- Cinderella want to go to a ball but Yeh-Shen doesn't

-Cinderella live in a kingdon and Yeh-Shen doesn't

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good Gavin

love it Amarah

grate job logan

i love it it is amazing /kendal :)



never seen enything beter-braylon