4th Hour

3 stages

  • Intellectual Development, which, is best defined as a child's ability to think about and understand his or her world.
  • Physical Development, refers to physical growth, or growth in the ability of children to use their bodies and physical skills.
  • Emotional Development, is the emergence of a child's experience, expression, understanding and regulation of emotions
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Infancy, among humans, the period of life between birth and the acquisition of language approximately one to two years


Infants go through 3 different developmental stages, Emotional, Physical, and Intellectual, everyone develops differently, but you still develop within those 3 stages.

I baby sit two little girls, a 5 year old and a 10month old, Ive been noticing that the 10month old is going through infancy, and shes developing in many different ways.

Intellectually, shes been understanding many things, like, when i ask her where something is, she can point at it. She also makes connections, she knows that if she cries with me ill give her what she wants, but she also knows that if she cries in front of her mom she wont get what she wants. Therefore her brain has been making connections and beginning to understand.

Emotionally, whenever i leave her alone she starts to cry, until i come back. Also when i show her a toy or an object to play with, she just smiles at me, rather than paying attention to the toy. When i play with her, she smiles and laughs, but when the playing stops she cries, until i play with her again. Shes also starting to understand the meaning of no, she still cries when i tell her no, but after awhile she gives up.

Physically, shes starting to lift her head when she lays down on her back, shes also beginning to crawl/walk around. She can track objects. Ive bee teaching her how to sit down, but she still has problems holding her up. Shes also beginning to control hand and feet actions