Carbohydrate functions

The job for carbohydrates is to provide energy. Energy is what the body needs to function so carbohydrates play a important role on the body, all of the cells and tissues in the body need carbs.

Three food sources of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are found in many foods and some are healthy and some are not, like bread and milk are healthy but popcorn is not so healthy . Carbohydrates also come in many forms like sugars and fibers.

Advantages of carbohydrates in diet

Their are many advantages of eating carbohydrates but some are that carbs help boost your mood, carbs prevent weight gain and also influence weight loss, carbs are also good for your heart, carbs will help sharpen your memory.

effects if not enough carbohydrates are eaten

It's important to meet your daily carb needs to prevent unpleasant side effects. Ketosis is one of the side effects and it occurs when your body runs out of carbs as fuel and breaks down stored fat as energy. Fatigue is one of the effects that could occur if you don't eat enough carbs and during this fatigue you can feel week and dizzy. Constipation is another effect that could happen because you don't get enough fiber.