International Rescue Comittee

Nate Evazich, Colten Whaley, danny peta

Our Role in Darfur

We have put camps in chad. This provides a safe place for the people that are desperately trying to get away from the violence in Darfur. They are also providing supplies for the people that do not have access to the resources that they need.

How do we Protect Human Rights

The international REscue committee provides education to the people that have been influenced by the killings in Darfur. This education allows the youth to become educated on subject which then allows them to have say internationally. They also provide a great deal of healthcare to the people. Sustaining a positive health care system is a basic civil right that the people negatively affected in Darfur desperately needed.

Some of our Successes

Helping Darfur

Who supports their mission?

Funding was recently increased in the Obama budget. 90% of all funds to them are spent on programs and services. Eden Grinshpan, tv host on Food Network, is a spokesperson for this group. Most of the spokespeople are chefs. They take a lot of donations from supporters from across the world that donate on their website.

What their authority is to address the mission?

We want to address the essential needs and provide reinsurance to anybody that needs it.