Classroom Walkthrough Term 3 2013

Combining Comprehension, Technology and 8 Ways

Trends in Comprehension

  • Focus on Reading strategies (skimming and scanning, see think wonder, hotseating, Q&A match, retells, VIPs)
  • Rubrics
  • Explicit vocabulary

Trends in Aboriginal 8 Ways

Story Sharing (blogging challenges, personal responses and retells, QR codes)

Learning Maps (interactive and visual rubrics, checklists, WALT and WILF, timelines, procedures)

Deconstruct/Reconstruct (experiments, starting with finished products and breaking down how to get there, WALT/WILF, modelling strong and weak)

Trends in Information Communication Technology

Group Work (mixed ability and differentiation, scaffolding student skills)

Technology use (usually in the hands of the students, embedded in authentic tasks)

Problem solving, flexibility and independance (from both students and teachers)

Students engaged and on task with technology use

Some pictures to share...