A Day for Dogs

Seth Miranda

During the weekend, my step-dad, Jerry and my mom told my brother and I we were going somewhere special. Later, we stopped at a Sonic for food, i also got a strawberry slushy. After driving for what seemed to be an hour, we finally got there. I was still asleep so I didn't know until my brother woke me up. I didn't know where we were, and finally asked my mom.

My brother and I were playing while my mom and someone else were talking, I don't know about what, but I heard dog somewhere in it. Then, I also heard 'dogs for sale.' I told my brother, and he said, "Stop lying Seth! Mom doesn't even like dogs!" My parents talked for a while, then I saw one of them pull out a wad of money and gave it to the people. They asked us if we are responsible, we both said yes.

"Two dogs, both female, one Boxer, and one Labrador Retriever, and you guys get to name them," they both said. We were surprised, "I told you so!" I whispered to my brother. The dogs came out, small and very, very cute. I held both of them, I named the boxer Stevie, my brother named the Labrador Chillie. My brother and I said, "Thank you Mom and Jerry!" We played with the dogs all day.