Friday Review

Friday, September 14 2018

From Mrs. Lewis...

  • Staff, be reminded to follow up with appropriate administrators when you have an issue. Administrator / Front Office responsibilities are attached. See that specific administrator/Office Staff Member for reporting problems or requesting information or addressing questions. Assistant Principal responsibilities:
    Front Office responsibilities:
  • Absences: Please be reminded that you should notify the principal 5 days in advance when taking a personal day. Staff members are allowed to take limited time to take care of personal business, but avoid waiting until the last minute for approval. Please give administration plenty of time for any absence, when possible, to cover your absence and/or to secure a substitute. Doctor's appt and other appts should be scheduled, as much as possible after school, to prevent lost time of instruction for students. (Thanks!)
  • Come out and support our Spartan Football Team on Saturday, September 22nd at Marlboro High School. 3:00pm
  • Please be reminded that you are required to update grades weekly in Powerschool. Progress Reports should be ready for distribution to students on Sept 26th.
  • Be sure that you are stamping each week for students that are exemplifying ROAR. If students are consistently not being stamped, make sure you are calling home.
  • It is imperative that you review the Chromebook list to know which students are not allowed to take them home. Please do not allow Chromebooks to leave the building, if they are not supposed to.
  • SIT Members - SIT Meeting on Monday, September 17 at 3:45pm (Media Center)
  • Please review safety procedures with your students in the coming weeks.
  • AIG teachers are reminded to sign up to use the media center and also to conduct at least 1 PBL per nine weeks.
  • Volunteers needed - We wlil offer OPEN GYM for students on Saturday, October 13th, 10-12pm. Help is needed for supervision. Comp time will be awarded for staff members participating.
  • We are down custodians. If there are any issues with cleanliness of the building, please see Mr. Dunham.

This Week

Monday, September 17 - SIT Meeting
Tuesday, September 18- Golf at Scotch Meadows; Track at Pine Forest

Wednesday, September 19- Self Assessments and PDPs Due
Thursday, September 20 - Volleyball vs. Carver at SHS; Parent Night Cancelled (Rescheduled from September 27)
Friday, September 21- PBIS TLC
Saturday, September 22- Football at McColl

Looking Ahead

Monday, September 24- Volleyball at Home vs. West Hoke

Tuesday, September 25- Track at New Century; Golf at Twin Valley
Wednesday, September 26 - Progress Reports Go Home; PBIS Goal Celebration
Thursday, September 27- Curriculum Parent Night; Flu Shots for Staff; Volleyball at East Hoke
Friday, September 28- PBIS TLC; SHS Homecoming Parade and Game
Saturday, September 29- Football at Home vs. Blenheim

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