Sea World: Killer Whales

Aliceson And Liz


In the documentary "Black Fish", Gabriela Couperthwaite meets the point in showing the negative effect of captivity on killer whales by showing stock footage of many different attacks throughout the film and interviews with eye witnesses to the attacks.

Stock footage

  1. Scenes are cut off of Dawns accident

-this shows how captivity has a negative impact because the whale(Tilly) killed Dawn since he was frustrated. obviously something went wrong by the end of the show and tilly attacked her.

2. Mother whale grieved for her baby

-when the baby whale is separated from the mother, the mother grieves and even tries new screams to help find her baby. this shows how captivity has a negative impact because the whales are tortured.

3. Interactions with trainers and whales

- the accident with the guy who got dragged to the bottom of the pool by the whale during a show handled it well only because he


1. Lady's witness death

~The ladys that witness the whale attack explains how they feel the attack happned and why they think it happened to the trainers.

2. Members of sea world

~Many people have witness horse play between the killer whales and also many killing attacks among trainers and they have bad ins8ites and memories about it. They go in front of a camera and explain the emotions they have for the passed trainers and whales in captivity.


~In many interviews with the trainers or owners of sea world, they make it seem like the attacks amongst killer whales were mainly the trainers fault. They blame it on the trainers as far as not knowing what they are doing with the whales or either lack of training time before interacting with the whales.

Why We Stopped Working As Trainers At SeaWorld by Carol Ray & Samantha Berg of BLACKFISH



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