Mothertime Marketplace

Holiday Giveaway

Mothertime Marketplace has a Great Advertising Opportunity for You!

From now until Christmas, Mothertime Marketplace will be hosting a Holiday giveaways on our website . We will featuring local businesses, products and services along with a giveaway from that business. We will promote the giveaway on our website/blog, Facebook and Twitter with a combined reach of 10,000 local people.

The package: $25.00 includes everything!

* A post about your business with ONE link and a max of 350 words. (This post must be written and submitted to us as via a Word document, we will make no changes to it.)

* A featured image to go with your post. (you must include this as a jpeg in your Word document)

* We will put your button on our website until January 15th. (You must submit a button 250x250 pixels.).

* We will promote your blog post and giveaway on our Facebook & Twitter pages along with our website which reaches 10,000 people.

* We ask that you promote the giveaway on your own social media outlets.


The Rules:

* We will post your giveaway with rafflecopter. We will pick and announce a random winner.

* We will forward the information to you and YOU will be responsible for mailing out the prize.

* Blog post cannot be over 350 words and ONLY ONE link. You must incorporate your giveaway in your post.

* Your giveaway gift MUST BE at least a $15.00 value.

* Jpeg MUST BE 250 pixels exactly. No other size will be accepted.

* We will feature businesses in the order of the date payment was received.

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