Mission Possible SW Region

GDC Teacher Conference 2016

Together we make it POSSIBLE

2016 GDC Teacher Conference

Tuesday, June 21st, 8:30am to Wednesday, June 22nd, 3pm

200 Coliseum Drive

Macon, GA

Mission Impossible Theme(full theme)
Mission: Possible 2016 Professional Conference Teaser
Will Smith Wild Wild West Song

Mission Accomplished!

These facilities met (and most exceeded) their goals for FY16!

Bainbridge PSATC

Bleckley RSAT

Central SP

Coffee SP

Dodge SP

Macon SP

Patton SP

Valdosta SP

Wilcox SP

Sumter CI

Better Than Yesterday - Intense Motivational Video To Get You Fired Up

Sweet & Sour Activity

This activity is for us to reflect on last year, and plan for how we are going to be better next year!

1- Choose starbursts

2- In small groups, discuss what is going well (the number of sweet starbursts you selected) and what we need to improve upon (the number of sour starbursts you collected).

3- At the end of the session, use this discussion as a basis for your ticket-out-the-door.

IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING - Motivational Video

"0017" Strategic Plan

Our state goal is 2,000 GEDs for next year, and Dr. Evans has challenged the SW Region to earn 800!

We will be having a regional meeting soon where Tonya and I will guide each facility through a "data dig" of their GED data, program completions, enrollment, attendance, etc. data for FY16.

Then, we will all work together to design an action plan for each facility.

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I'm a Teacher: An Educator's Anthem

Teacher Expectations

Teachers will:

* Be actively engaged in instruction.

* Manage the learning environment.

* Create a positive learning environment.

* Ensure students are actively engaged.

* Provide instruction based on students’ needs.