Everlasting Life Suit

by Rylie Burden

Necessary Life Functions that The Everlasting Life Suit has to offer

#1. Maintain boundaries- the outside layer of our suit protects and maintains the outside aspect of the suit

#2. Movement- the suit is fixed in order so that you can still do everyday things, it is super flexible so you can move!

#3. Reaction- don't worry our suit still allows you feel the temperature outside and even the bee sting you got yesterday

#4. Ingest and digest- the suit has a fixed door in the back and front so you can still do what your body needs :) also allows the helmet to be taken off when needed

#5. See number 4 for this answer Eliminate waste but the suit also tells you before you eat anything what it could do to your body

#6. Reproduction- with our body suit- if injured the suit will then reproduce cells faster for a faster recovery!

#7. Growth- if you go no problem! Our suit growths with you, the brain signals your reading log (located in the helmet) and tells the suit to expand

Don't fly all the time, the suit needs to be charged at night whenever you are sleeping

Survival Needs

#1. Food- the suit comes with a helmet which can be taken off when needed, or say you forgot dinner and you're hungry don't worry our suit comes with its very own menu and feed tube

#2. Oxygen- the suit is equipped with an unlimited amount of oxygen tank

#3. Water- our water source if located on the back of the suit sort of like a backpack full of water (you have to refill on your own)

#4. Body Temperature- with our suit comes the design of a heating system and a cooling system so you can stay just the temperature you like (please be aware that we will be notified if suit does above 90 degrees or below 37 degrees and we will set you back to normal temperature)

#5. Atmospheric pressure- the suit has an oxygen tank so this allows your oxygen levels to stay normal anywhere