Moments in Ms. M's

What's happening in our room...

Art Show Tomorrow

We are really looking forward to our amazing art show tomorrow! Mrs. Seltzer had been working so hard this week getting the school prepared for the show tomorrow. She is truly transforming the school in to an incredible gallery. I really hope you can stop by for some part of the day and view the fabulous work the students have been doing in art class.

Here's what we've been up to...


We focused on main idea and details and the students focused on identifying the main idea and finding details that really support. We read a biographical piece about Leonardo da Vinci.


We continue with decimal addition and discussing properties of addition and how they can help us add decimals mentally. We mixed in a few days of math workshop centers and some whole group work.

We created logins for a great practice website called SplashMath. Your students have logins and can practice our skills at home if they choose.


We started persuasive speech writing this week. This will ultimately connect with a pretty project that will be introduced next week. We will be connecting our reading curriculum, biographies, with a writing curriculum, persuasive speeches. Look for more information coming home next week!

Social Studies

We started social studies again this week. We are beginning to dissect the major documents that are important to the development of our country's freedom and government. We are starting with the Declaration of Independence. Next week we will really dig in to what the words of the document mean!

New this week!

This week we started a class blog called McGarrigle5. The students can respond to questions that I have posted and then comment on one another's posts. We tested it out in SS. Please feel free to check out our posts by visiting the link below. (if you have any trouble viewing our blog please drop me an e-mail...we are still working out the kinks!)

There is no shame in not knowing. The shame lies in not finding out. - Assyrian Proverb