Morning Notes

Friday 25 September, 2015

Open House Ambassadors

Can the following students please meet with Mr Mansfield today at 0900 in the School Office on the 1st floor for the Open House briefing:

Emily Wilson (10)

Nate Stumpff (10)

Sabrina Ciauri (8)

Jaden Jethwa (9)

Charlie Sears (11)

Kieran Schmidt-Das (10)

Manuel Asali (7)

Thank you!

Boundaries for Off Campus

Off Campus is here! Please see this map. Off Campus will be guided by Grade 10 returning students and teachers.

From 1220 - 1250 Grades 9 and 10 will have a boundary walk.

From 1250 - 1320 Grades 7 and 8 will have a boundary walk.

Note: all students will have lunch at school.

Room Changes

Grade 7 - Period 3 Design with Mr. Gow to M01

GIN Refugee forum

If you are going to the GIN Refugee forum, please meet today at 1250 in T02.

Nathan Burgard

Kate Crannell

Eveline Cuellar-Sanchez

Maga Grafe

Antonia Guy

Isla Mathieson

Kit Moynihan

Kieran Schmidt-Das

Charlie Sears

If you are also doing the boundary walk at 1220, please make sure you have taken a sandwich from the canteen.

Lunch Clubs

Youth Speaks with Ms. McDonald

Student Council with Ms. Fritz

Halcyon School Counsellor

Emma our counsellor will be in all day today. If you want to talk with with Emma or find out more about the service she can be contacted at On Fridays you can find Emma in S05 in the new space on the top floor.

Mark Your Calendars: Community Day Monday 28 September

Halcyon Community Days are dedicated to using London as our learning laboratory. Each Grade will have a mandatory field trip related to one of their subject courses.

All students should wear comfortable walking shoes and waterproofs, bring a charged iPad and money for lunch and a snack or a packed lunch and a snack.

The trips will occur during the normal school hours.

Grade 6 students will visit the Natural History Museum to study animal adaptations and the impact of humans on ecosystems as part of their science unit.

Grade 7 students will visit the Victoria and Albert museum to explore Islamic patterns in an interdisciplinary study of Mathematics and Visual Art .

Grade 8 students are touring London Dungeons as part of their study of Victorian literature in their English unit “Taking London On!”.

Grade 9 students will visit exhibitions at the Tate Modern in an interdisciplinary study of Visual Art, Language and Humanities.

Grade 10 students will visit the Jewish museum and the Freud museum as part of their study in History or Geography.

Grade 11 Geography students will explore the new "Germans in Britain" Migration Museum Project exhibition, and enjoy a guided tour in the galleries of the Museum of London. Following this, we will move on to the Design Museum where the Designers in Residence are also currently exploring the theme of 'migration.'

Grade 11 Art students will visit the Tate Modern to do a study of artists that inspire them personally.

Staff Announcements!

Ms Drew has moved from our reception to become the school’s Administrative Officer. Ms Drew has been the at the centre of almost everything that works well at Halcyon; she knows and supports all our students and parents, and this new role gives her the opportunity to use her considerable skills and patience to ensure we all learn more effectively, every day.

Ms Gonzalez will be leading our Mother-Tongue this year, and will be the point-of-contact for all families whose children take a mother-tongue language at Halcyon. Ms Gonzalez is not only a very dedicated and thoughtful professional, but also a language teacher, so she will be able to support students and families making the right choice for their learning this year. Should you need to ask any questions about the mother-tongue languages, please do contact Ms Gonzalez.

Ms Zago has now begun her maternity leave, and we are pleased to announce that Ms Kyle will take on duties as IB Diploma Progam Co-ordinator, and Pamoja Site-Based Coordinator. Ms Kyle will also join the School Leadership Team and has plenty of expertise and experience in both of these roles; in her previous school, she was the Diploma Co-ordinator and worked closely with Pamoja. With experience in school leadership, as a vice principal, we are very confident that she will bring calm and assured leadership to the program, and support the on-going development of our Diploma courses this year. One of Ms Kyle's first priorities will be to meet with our Grade 11 students to review their current course choices - to ensure everyone is settled with their courses, enjoying their learning, and set-up for success. Should you need to ask any questions about the IB Diploma, please do contact Ms Kyle.


Donation Drive for Refugees

West London Synagogue and the Grade 11 CAS (Creativity Action Service) students of Halcyon are organising a donation drive for refugees that have arrived in Europe.

Please see the list below of items that we would like to collect, all donations are greatly appreciated. If you can please bring the donation items to Halcyon by Wednesday 30 September. The CAS Students will organise and itemise the donations which will be sent to Bulgaria and Greece.
Big image

A fun First Football Club session for Grades 9 - 11!

There is one free space! If you are interested in joining please see Mr. Byrne ASAP.
Big image

Practice for the PSAT

The first PSAT is on 14 October so this is a great time to start practising.

The PSAT has the same structure as the new SAT, just without some of the hardest questions (or the optional essay). Not only is it great practice for the SAT, but your PSAT results can also help you earn national recognition and scholarships.

Practice for the PSAT.

Today's Lunch Menu

Main Dish Option 1

Pasta bake with spring vegetables

Main Dish Option 2

Margherita pizza


Avocado and cherry tomato sandwich

Salad Bar

Mixed salad

Greek salad

Chickpea pasta salad

Summer crunch salad


Chocolate brownie

Catering Feedback

Please let us know your feedback here.