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Upcoming Events

  • TCAP starts this week. 7th grade students will be testing on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Spring Conferences to be held Wednesday, March 20th (reservations only) and Thursday will continue the walk-in option.
  • Last day to accept late work is Wednesday, March 13th

Social Studies


Student have wrapped up a unit of study on India and have begun looking into Africa's ancient kingdoms. After TCAP students will be in the computer lab working on their choice of two webquests to complete with a partner, due Monday the 18th. The websites can be found on my webpage under the "Africa" heading. Upon returning from Spring Break students will then shift their focus to the modern countries of Africa. Another set of choice projects will be issued...you may want to save any empty tissue boxes or shoe boxes for this one!



All classes have finished their geometry unit and turned in some amazing projects. Students should be very proud of the work they did.

Pre-Algebra: Students will be moving into data analysis and understanding graphs. Students will start by learning to read and interpret graphs and data in different forms. After spring break students will be collecting their own data and making their own conjectures based on their data.

Algebra 1A: Students will be moving back into algebra standards this month. Students will be working more with linear equations and extending this knowledge to systems of equations. Students will also be looking at algebraic properties such as the distributive property and multiplying binomials.

Language Arts


This is a super short month, but an important one. We have the end of the third quarter and parent conferences.

Language Arts: Students are finishing their Medieval Historical Fiction unit by completing a multiple intelligence project and an essay. Students also have outside reading projects due and a post-test on this quarter's vocabulary roots.

Important Dates for Language Arts:

-3/11: MI Project #2 DUE

-3/12: Essay DUE!

-3/13: Outside Reading due (on or before this date)

-3/13: Last day to turn in work

-3/15: Vocabulary Post-Test

Lit and Comp: Students are finishing their biography and autobiography unit. They have already completed two projects and will finish by writing a speech and an essay to reflect their learning about the person of study.

Important Dates for Lit and Comp:

3/13: Last day to turn in work (other than the essay)

3/14: Essays DUE

3/15: Wax Museum for Mrs. Busler's class



Wow! We have been busy exploring the amazing systems within the human body. During March, we will discuss Nutrition, Digestion and the Execretory System. Their Circulatory System brochures are fantastic! There are some future advertsing excutives and graphic artists among us. With Mrs. Gaunce's return on April 1, I will be moving onto another teaching position. I have greatly enjoyed my time here at Eagleview teaching science and I am so impressed with the intelligence of the students. They have kept me on my toes with their insightful questions and inquiry.

Have a great and safe Spring Break!