Time For Andrew

Mary Downing Hahn

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Once there was a boy named Andrew. His parents had to go to France, so they dropped him off at his Great Aunt's house for the summer. Her house was techinally empty except for her and her father. Andrew's aunt was showing Andrew a tour of the house when they found an attic that hasn't been open for over 15 years. When they went up there, they found an old bag of marbles that belonged to his long past away cousin also named Andrew. Now Andrew's cousin died of a very deadly disease. He even forgot he was dead,so that night Andrew came back from the spirit world to take back his marbles. Andrew ( the dead one) convinced the other Andrew to switch places with him, so he could get the medicine he desperatly needed. When they switched spots, Andrew ( the one that is not dead) went to the past through the attic. Andrew ( the dead one) decided that he wanted to stay in the future, so every night they would play marbles and if Andrew ( the one that is not dead) won , he would get to go back to the future. You will have to read the book to see if he can beat him.