Gary Paulsen


A boy called Brian Robeson rides a single engine airplane to meet his dad who is divorced. During the flight, the pilot gets paralyzed, and the plane crashes into Canadian wilderness. Brian is alone in the Canadian wilderness with nothing but Hatchet that his mom gave him. Brian gets use to the Canadian plain, and he finds shelter, water, food and fire. There were no planes or ships looking for him. He has to survive by himself. With nothing but his hatchet...

Point of view

This book is Brian Robeson's point of view. It tells about his feelings and his mind about the Canadian wilderness. Also, he is telling the story to the readers.


Be brave by trusting yourself and never give up.

Connection between theme and me

Brian Robeson is a ordinary boy in my age. However, I do not think I could survive 3 months only with a small hatchet because I am easily scared. Maybe I might have gave up on surviving. I think I should be more Brave and keep trying to do things like Brian did. Also, if I was in dangerous situation like Brian, I would have to believe that I could survive. It is amazing that Brian did these things for 3 month.

Would Brian get rescued or keep living in the Canadian wilderness?