Gentle Pet & House Sitter

Want to relax more on your vacation?

Want to avoid the discomfort and disruption your pet would feel boarding at a kennel while you're gone?

Want to know your cat is happy at home with a caregiver with 8 years experience?

I'll give your pet a comfortable time while you travel.

If you need other services like plant care or newspaper or package pickup, I'll do them for you, too.

For 8 happy years I've cared for homes and pets for professors, lawyers, consultants, and frequent travelers with heavy schedules. Ask me for references!

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Five Stars
"I chose this option over a kennel because I was taking a long business trip that included 2 full weekends. I felt better knowing a person is going to be with my dog at home. This experience actually turned out much better than a kennel. Sitter gave excellent communication with updates and questions. I did not get the chance to be worried about my pet. When I got back in town I felt well served and happy with how my dog and house looked." --Max, New Orleans, LA, USA

Very Satisfied

"We hired this sitter because our pets need room to move and closer attention than any kennel can possibly give. We have never kenneled. This sitter is amazing - very on top of any potential problems and creative with solutions. For example, our cat had figured out how to open the cabinet for trash and was eating the plastic bag. She immediately alerted us and were able to come up with a solution to keep them safe and prevent further mess. She is prompt and super professional. When we came back from the trip we were very satisfied with the work she did. She genuinely seems to enjoy working with pets and leaves the house in great condition." -- N. Trias, Lisbon, Portugal

Five Stars

"I traveled all the time and she took care of my house and cat for almost 4 years. My cat loved her and my house was kept very well she would problem solve if problems arrived. I trusted her and felt secure with her living in my house.

--Susan C., Houston, TX, USA

Reliable and Polite

"We were going on a trip with our family out of the country. She stayed in our home for 10 days and took care of the house, cats and plants, when we arrived cats were happy, and the home clean and in order. She is reliable and polite, we shared a dinner together and enjoyed her nice conversation. Thanks for your care!" -- M. G. Adami, Verona, Italy